Monday, here we go again

I walk into the office and clock in. The punch clock device reads 7:45am. Fortunately no one has arrived yet. Wait, I think I saw my colleague’s car when I pulled into the basement so I guess she’s already in. I usually arrive early because I like to dedicate 15-20mins to meditate (I’m no Dalai Lama but using the word “meditate” gives my daydreaming habit a new and impressive meaning). My way of meditating is by writing down my goals, plans, achievements, anything pleasant from my mental creative workshop. As long as I’m writing. it’s become a habit and a good one at that. Today I’m late because I did not anticipate what the traffic was going to be like. On my way to work, I think out loud, “where did all these cars come from? It’s the first week of January and the roads are already congested. I look at my fuel gauge – that should take me for the next few days.

My colleague (they call him “tea boy” but that sounds very derogatory to me) makes me a hot cup of coffee – black with honey. By 10:00am I’ve had four more cups. I feel so alive. Did I mention he’s my most favorite person here at work? I pick up my red book and make an entry. I will come back to this red book another day. I do some catching up with some colleagues to wish them a happy new year. Just a few of them. Then I sit for a while with one to discuss some pending assignment I asked him to help me with last week.. sorry, last year. He says he never opened the email and promised to look at it tomorrow. Being such a big fan of procrastination, I smile and say, “Oh, no worries, I’m sure you needed enough time to yourself during the holiday. We discuss further on some energy related issues and I finally pull myself out of his office. I talk a lot when I get too comfortable with someone – I never know when to stop. Maybe walking around with a timer might help. I’m drifting again….

I glance at my desktop; it’s 11:28am. I stretch my hands, taking extra care not to raise them higher. I have not shaved my armpits in days. That reminds me; I have to shave my nether region before my vacation which is due in a few days. Call it tradition but I always travel light, hence the need to shave. Ok, back to earth.
By the way, I can always do that tomorrow. For now, I have to get back to my ramblings before something else comes up and I may have no choice but to suspend it.

You see, I have lived in solitude for the past three years. No, I’m not referring to running off to the wilderness with a self-acclaimed prophet with a goatee who goes by the name Zechariah. Born to a family of six with and a home constantly filled with relatives and nannies, (I didn’t mention the part where I was a princess, born with a silver spoon – yeah, I know what you’re thinking. I  still have the spoon to prove it though it’s got some rust on which I’m trying to get rid of.

Ah, where was I again? As I was saying, I grew accustomed to being with company. Moved away from home (I like to say it was job related but that’s not how the story begins), made new friends, lost friends (Or should I say I realized they weren’t my friends to begin with), missed family so much it started to hurt. Then I figured a way to cope in a strange land, filled with strange and odd people; there are nice ones too. Don’t get me wrong; I can do well without company. As a matter of fact, I only love company when I need some distraction. But then, my thoughts having been getting too loud lately….and loud…and now they start seeping through my ears. Suddenly I have this urge to write daily. I’ve never seen myself as writer, but I am a voracious reader. As a kid I read and read until it got to a point where I almost couldn’t tell my imagination from my reality. No, I’m not schizophrenic, but I believe in unicorns.

Oh pardon me. I will introduce myself in a few words. I’m R.Merry. Basically this blog is about my thoughts, ramblings, truths, half-truths and things I made up. I can’t tell the difference anyway. I’m on my second cup of coffee with three more to go.



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