aliens? shut the front door!

Last night I’m tucked in, searching for a movie to watch on my laptop after having exhausted myself from watching Lie To Me non stop. The series is finally starting to get to me because I can’t twitch my lips without thinking there’s someone staring at me and wondering what I may have been up to. I need a break.

Finally, I find one and it’s about aliens. Battle of Los Angeles, I think. Then I recall a story some guy from last year (this is how I describe my exes) shared with me about a certain Canadian who claims to have seen them. I want to believe his story; but then again which girl in her right mind wouldn’t? Especially if according to the claim, aliens are blond and quite tall. On the contrary, as I recall the fallen angels in the bible fit this description and at this point I think it’s best to keep an open mind. Where was I? Aha! the movie.
Anyway I try to stream but it’s taking forever; it’s almost 11pm and I have to turn in.

While waiting for the movie to load, I decide to check my Facebook for any updates. Suddenly, a post looms right in my face – it’s about aliens! My curious side gets the best of me and I click open the link. Next thing I know I’m reading all about alien abduction. UFO sightings, the abductees’ vague recollection of what happened to them, the memory loss. Uh, this is not good. I live alone; my windows are wide open. Quickly, I jump out from the bed to make sure all the doors are locked. Good, they are. I tiptoe back to bed. Where’s this paranoia coming from? I thought I just fantasized about dating a tall blond guy some day and I’m thinking “if he had supernatural powers, that would be really cool”.

I laugh at myself, but no so loud because I am still frightened and would not want to attract anything, blond or otherwise. I look out the window and I see a light in the sky. I lie very still with my eyes squeezed shut and after a few seconds, I hear the drone and I relax a bit. It’s just a plane not a spaceship, silly!
At this point I have to reverse the whole teenage fantasy because you never know what you could attract with your thoughts. Oh yes, I’ve been reading a lot about the law of attraction and our subconscious and I wouldn’t want anything to contradict my beliefs.


Damn it!  My tummy hurts as I write. It’s about that time of the month, I experience all kinds of emotions so this isn’t new. Gotta run! see you soon!


breaking routine

2014 for me was a pretty good year with lots of experiences and life lessons. Since it’s paved the way for yet another year filled with fun, adventure, happiness among other pleasant things, all I can be is grateful. On this note, I would like to wish you all a Happy new year filled with love, laughter and more laughter.03b2f55ad564137f53a9c52421b9b5ee